• Brand Cadbury 5 Star
  • Campaign Nothingcoin
  • Office Ogilvy Mumbai

As India, and esp the youth, have been going crypto-crazy and been furiously investing, 5Star is making an unexpected appearance in the world of digital coins, with Nothingcoin.​

Unlike other digital currencies that need to be purchased with hard-earned money, Nothingcoin can only be mined by doing the very opposite – Nothing.  ​

How it works: the user logs to the microsite through mobile, sits down and does nothing. The microsite detects the user’s inactivity and ‘mines’ Nothingcoin for as long as the user sits still and doesn’t use their phone. For every minute that the user does nothing, fresh Nothingcoins get added to their wallet. These coins can then be used to make purchases and digital payments through outlets and websites that accept Nothingcoin, including JioMart and Paytm.  

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