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Designed to Win: Making an Impact at the Intersection of Design, Advertising, and Strategy

Within the marketing industry, design and advertising can be treated like oil and water. While the practices are inherently linked, certain marketers and brands do not use them together to their full potential.

In reality, design and advertising share many of the same strategic objectives when it comes to building impactful brands. In that sense, they are more like salt and sugar, as both must be brought together in the marketing mix to create meaningful brands.

In the spirit of borderless creativity, the practices of design, advertising and strategy should be more integrated. The same strategic goals that we aim to achieve through advertising campaigns and tactics can also be addressed by design, allowing us to target objectives from different angles.

At this intersection between design, advertising and strategy, we can double down on how we solve problems, address our strategic objectives, and build meaningful brands.

Before we explore the shared principles and objectives of design and advertising, we must expand our perceptions of what design can do. While design is ultimately guided by aesthetic principles that can make things more visually appealing, it is also incredibly strategic in nature. It has the power to directly shape the way people think, feel and act.

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