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KFC Offers Six Lucky Aussie Couples the Chance of a KFC Wedding!

Cheeky KFC wedding print ads that you certainly wouldn’t expect to find in the likes of Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR popped up recently announcing KFC’s brand-new wedding service, showing an elegant bride tucking into a bucket of the Colonel’s finest.

For those loved up couples ready to take the plunge, the Colonel suggests you apply fast at the official website as there are only six weddings available. Winners will be judged on their originality and creative merit.

Along with freshly cooked Kentucky Fried Chicken courtesy of the KFC Food Truck, the happy couple will also get a KFC themed celebrant to make it all official, a KFC photo booth to capture those happy memories, custom KFC buckets and musical entertainment to get the first dance kicked off in true style.

Nikki Lawson, Managing Director, KFC Australia: “KFC is all about living your best life and we were flattered that so many of our fans are showing that Aussie larrikin spirit by asking us to be a part of their big day. Over the years we’ve seen some amazing Facebook comments and have heard of some incredible proposals from fans taking place in our restaurants in Australia and around the world. We think it’s important that this isn’t just a one-off affair and that a number of our fans have the chance to get a KFC Wedding – so we’re making this available for eight months as a genuine service for anyone living in Australia.”

Gavin McLeod, ECD, Ogilvy Sydney, commented: “KFC Weddings is further proof of how much Australians love KFC. We noticed that people were already stopping in at KFC stores on their wedding day and saw the opportunity to launch a KFC Wedding service. Not every client would be brave enough to back something so unexpected, but KFC is not every client!”

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