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Ogilvy India CEO Kunal Jeswani’s Six Predictions That Will Shape Up the Creative Industry

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The ever-changing behaviour of consumers shape the communications world and the creative industry has been putting its best foot forward to keep itself abreast with the newer challenges, mostly unforeseeable.

The falling attention span of consumers and their rejection of advertising have forced brands and creative agencies to fall in line with emerging trends for both survival and growth.

Ogilvy India CEO Kunal Jeswani talks about the trends he foresees will shape the creative industry and those predictions are:

(a) We will see agencies creating more work, at lower costs, at faster turnaround times. The result will be a vast pool of shallow, ineffective, forgettable work that will only grow over time. Most of this work will be digital.

(b) We will see more project pitches. However, we will see very little great work coming out of project pitches. There will be less chemistry between client and agency teams on these projects, less high-value talent deployed on them, no depth of consumer understanding, and no learning or brand experience to leverage. 

(c) We will see smart, driven clients moving towards integration, pinning all brand communication responsibilities on one partner. They will have a single coherent view of the customer experience. There will be very few such clients.

(d) We will see weaker, less in control clients who will allow their brand teams to fragment the brand communication across different advertising, digital and PR agencies. This fragmentation will be visible in work and will weaken the brands over time.

(e) We will see large integrated agencies build leadership talent that can lead the big brand platform conversations and are also adept at driving everyday on-brand pulse content and communication. Agencies will have no choice here. They will have to find or build such leadership talent. The few leaders who can see this balance will be in high demand.

(f) We will see fewer new specialist agencies. A few of the existing ones will get stronger, and most others will get absorbed by the larger agencies.

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