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Travel Trends 2023: A Peek into the Latest Micro Trends That Are Changing the Way We Travel

It’s been a great revival year for travel. Passenger traffic has already exceeded pre-pandemic levels and there is new-found desire to savour the old and experience the new. 

The world of travel is undergoing transformation. There have been major shifts in how we plan, book and travel. And this piqued our curiosity. 

You’ve already heard of friendcations and revenge travel. We’ve uncovered 21 more emerging travel trends that present bold new opportunities. 

We recognize that Asia doesn’t operate in isolation. While this report focuses on Asia, we have also investigated how Asia is being influenced by global travel trends. 

An understanding of these trends helped us unlock answers to questions such as: 

How are travelers being inspired today?
What are the new, emerging travel experiences? How are people planning their trips?
What’s changing in the way they book? 

We hope you enjoy surfing through these trends as much as we enjoyed uncovering them and documenting them for you.

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