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Behavioural Science
Nudgetalk Asia Series: Connecting Behavioral Science with Asia

Welcome back to NudgeTalk Asia, a podcast from Ogilvy Consulting that provides high-level concepts, insights, and proven techniques that show how Behavioral Science can be a powerful tool for building sales, designing innovations and creating effective change programs for your customers & employees.

On this episode, host Paolo Mercado sits down with the Founder of Ogilvy’s Behavioral Science Practice and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, Rory Sutherland. A highly sought after speaker and thought leader in the world of applied behavioral science, Rory is the author of two books: The Wiki Man, and the best-selling book, Alchemy, The Surprising Power of Ideas Which Don’t Make Sense. He joins Paolo to discuss ‘weird science’ and the question of whether or not behavioral science is biased towards western, educated, industrialized, rich and developed cultures, as well as if the principles and practices of behavioral science are relevant to Asia.

Listen to the full episode here.

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