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Nudgetalk Asia Series: Decoding Your Customer’s Sense Making Genome

Welcome to NudgeTalk Asia, a podcast from Ogilvy Consulting that provides high-level concepts, insights, and proven techniques that show how Behavioural Science can be a powerful tool for building sales, designing innovations and creating effective change programs for your customers & employees. 

For this first episode, host Paolo Mercado, Ogilvy Consulting’s VP of Behavioural Science, is joined by the President and Founder of the Ogilvy Center for Behavioural Science, Chris Graves. Together, the pair discuss how the award-winning Cognitive Profiler can help decode behaviours and attitudes towards health, vaccine hesitancy and sustainability. 

Listen to Chris share his insights on what he’s discovered through his use of the Cognitive Profiler, as well as how it is being applied successfully to the Asian market. We hope you enjoy this compelling first episode of NudgeTalk Asia! 

Watch the trailer below:

Check out the full episode here.

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