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Nudgetalk Asia Series: Powering Up Innovation with Design Thinking & Behavioural Science

Welcome to NudgeTalk Asia, a podcast from Ogilvy Consulting that provides high-level concepts, insights, and proven techniques that show how Behavioural Science can be a powerful tool for building sales, designing innovations and creating effective change programs for your customers and employees. 

For this second episode, host Paolo Mercado, Ogilvy Consulting’s VP of Behavioural Science, is joined by Michael Barry, Associate Consulting Professor at Stanford University and a researcher, designer, and educator at Quotient Design Research. The duo explore “need-finding” and how behavioural science can give designers a key to what makes consumers tick.

Listen as Michael shares his insights on ethnographic techniques that work better among Asian vs. Western cultures, striking a balance between design and engineering, and much more.

Watch the trailer here.

Check out the full episode here.

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