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Adopting a Borderless Shopping Strategy for Growth

In a special retail insight paper, Ogilvy examines how during the height of the pandemic, shopping habits pivoted to online at lightning speeds uncovering demands on retailers that only those with efficient operations, and flexible technologies could keep up with. But as vaccination rates increase around the world and pandemic restrictions ease, footfall in store is returning and with this, a new type of customer – the borderless shopper.

Retailers will need to take advantage of increased footfall to recruit customers into their online ecosystems and build the foundation for borderless service to future-proof their businesses. For brands, now is the time to invest and get ready to recruit the next generation of shoppers before their competition does.

The paper argues that success for brands will start with a shift in mindset. Retailers should aim to personalise service across every touchpoint, online and offline, for a seamless shopping experience. As a result, Ogilvy have adopted Borderless Retail built on strategy, data and experience to maximise effect and success.

Personalisation on the other hand, depends on knowledge of customers, and that means customer data. First-party data collected on owned touchpoints will become critical to brands. A future-proof retail innovation strategy depends on making a fair offer to people that is clear about what data a brand will collect and what value customers will get in return.

To find out more about how brands can adopt a borderless retail approach please download the paper here:

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