• Brand Ikea
  • Campaign The Love Collection
  • Office Ogilvy Taipei and Ogilvy Hong Kong

IKEA is popular in Taiwan, but some items are less popular than others. There was a need to raise awareness of these less-loved items while boosting sales. For Valentine’s Day 2020, IKEA shone a spotlight on some of IKEA Taiwan’s least popular items – according to sales data. Introducing ‘The Love Collection’, a multi-platform social commerce campaign featuring lonely IKEA products – with the rest left open to interpretation. ‘The Love Collection’ launched on Valentine’s Day with a short film clip featuring a sexy soundtrack and different IKEA items. This was posted on IKEA’s social channels, as well as being pushed out to KOLs known for having a naughty side. Fans were also invited to share other IKEA items to add to the collection and were then retargeted with ads featuring their chosen products – which they could click through to purchase at ikea.com.tw.

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