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Driving Value at Scale With Human Centered Personalization

Together with our partners Verticurl and Adobe, this report examines how brands today need to guide personalization at scale and those who get this right, are not only loved and embraced, but also have an edge in effectiveness. 

The flip side of this, is that personalization at scale has also led to a crisis of conflicting expectations, as people are increasingly unwilling to share their data with brands because of privacy concerns and lack of trust in digital advertisers. A recent Microsoft survey for APAC found that fewer than one-third of consumers believe that their personal data will be treated in a trustworthy manner by organizations offering digital services. 

There is a fine line between use and abuse. 

By defining a borderless brand promise from the beginning, brands and businesses can figure out the terms of personalization in a meaningful and consistent way. Ultimately technologies of scale must be balanced with a strong brand culture that crosses all borders with the same promise of value. Ensuring that personalization at scale reinforces rather than harms trust is about integrity. 

Please download the full report here.

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