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Meet Ogilvy Shanghai’s Virtual Influencer ‘Gu Yu’ for Balabala

Excited to introduce Gu Yu, a one-of-a-kind virtual influencer created for China’s leading kids clothing brand Balabala by Ogilvy Shanghai. Gu Yu becomes the brand’s new official ambassador and marks Balabala’s first foray into the metaverse.

Gu Yu, which translates literally as ‘grain rain’, takes her name from the eponymous Chinese lunar calendar festival on April 20 signalling a rise in temperatures and the arrival of heavy rainfalls essential for good crop growth – a symbolic nod to Balabala’s belief in promoting children’s free growth and self-expression.

To bring Gu Yu to life, Ogilvy Shanghai conducted extensive target consumer research and analysed data sets of children faces that were then aggregated into a 3D rendering software to create an initial prototype. The creative technology team then used a suite of AI and 3D modelling tools to further refine her facial features including eye shape, hair thickness and skin texture and animate the virtual influencer in various scenarios as she explores her passions.

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