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Whitepaper: Return on Real-Time

From individualizable augmented reality display to the simple expedience of timely mobile notifications, the potential payoffs of real-time engagement are significant.  

To ensure that real-time engagement with consumers feels genuine and authentic, brands will need customer journey management technology to orchestrate seamless experiences, as well as sensitive and insightful creative strategies – a foundation to gather information, analyze with intelligence, and activate intervention in real-time.

“The pandemic has accelerated real-time innovation at record speed and raised the bar for customer experience standards. Two years on, new technology, new category disruptors, new social commerce platforms, new market shifts and new consumer expectations are still pushing brands to double down on their transformation. And while investment in data and digital technology has exploded, the reality is that only a small subset of businesses is leveraging them to their full potential today,” said Sheilen Rathod, President, Experience Ogilvy, China and Asia.

The technologies that will shape the future of real-time engagement are already here: data, intelligence (APIs, AIs, and Predictive Analytics), and intervention (personalisation and augmented reality). The challenge is putting it all together, gaining and retaining customer trust, and operationalizing in ways that customers value.

In “Return on Real-time”, Ogilvy and Verticurl – in collaboration with Adobe – dive into how brands can equip themselves to engage with customers in real-time based on sophisticated data, and explore the innovations brands can expect to use to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and create sales.

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