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Why are Under 25s a Big Missed Opportunity for Banks?

Ogilvy’s recent Red Paper explores exactly how neobanks are luring under 25s away from established banks. 

These new entrants have stepped in to offer young people services that they desire: educating them in financial matters through gamification and challenges, helping them make short, and long-term investments, and offering other digital-first services. Put simply, they’re “empowering” young people through digital banking experience and embedding such services into all aspects of their lives.  

The six “Drivers of Financial Empowerment”, part of this new Red Paper, outline how banks of today can future-proof themselves in this new banking paradigm.     

As well as introducing these drivers, Ogilvy introduce Impact X, our methodology for building experiences with four lenses – Brand, Customer, Business, Data and Technology, and  provide a directory of financial  empowerment innovations from around the world. 

To find out more, please download the full Red Paper here

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