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WPP and TikTok on Mastering Creative, Commerce and Consumer Influence

This article was originally posted by The Drum.

WPP and TikTok have set the blueprint for the future of marketing in APAC, hosting an event where marketing leaders and creators discussed how to master creative, commerce, and consumer influence on the world’s fastest growing video platform.

2021 has been nothing short of game changing for TikTok, as it hit over 1 billion users globally and became the fastest growing app in the world. It is also the year that brands really started to unlock the power of the platform and created content that truly resonated with its audience.

A few of the highlighted learnings from the speakers include:

  • There has been a shift, driven by consumers, to platforms primarily dedicated to content and social connections, like TikTok, becoming incredibly effective at driving ecommerce sales. The promise of social commerce may have felt a long time coming but data is showing that it is now hitting its stride. Global social commerce revenue is forecast to grow over 28% per annum and from $585 billion in 2021 to $3.37 trillion in 2028. 
  • Samuel Vanel, Head of INCA, Southeast Asia, shared his view that ‘Creators are empowering brands to produce content at scale with a more authentic voice. As content marketing is growing, collaboration with content creators will evolve for more authentic engagement, better content distribution and more creative freedom’ 
  • Andreanne Leclerc, Head of Social and Performance, Asia, Ogilvy told us that “Brands need to think early about an always-on strategy when using TikTok. What are the images that the brand can put up there on an ongoing basis so people can create around it? What type of relationship do they want to develop with creators?”

Watch the full session on demand here.

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