Dimitri Cologne
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Is Clubhouse the Next Great Social Platform for Brands?

Clubhouse, the latest entrant of popular social apps, is expanding at great pace. This audio-only network cultivated itself as a much needed distraction from global Zoom and video fatigue. So, let’s forget about scripted text and visual content for a moment – this house is built on voice-led, live and impromptu topics.


The app has already been around for a year and quickly became a favorite among the tech elite. The pandemic fast-tracked broader usage, and recently A-listers such as Drake and D-Nice fueled the hype, pivoting Clubhouse into a more mainstream space.

Although the Clubhouse DNA is still being shaped, its low friction way of pulling people into a live conversation constructed from realtime input, is innately social at its core.

It also managed to turn its voice-only design from a potential constraint into its key strength. For users, audio rooms can function as passive background chatter (like in a coffee bar) or like active watercooler moments in the office.

Is Clubhouse poised to continue its growth and become a major social player that brands need to leverage? Or will it be just a fad?

Read the report from Ogilvy Social Lab here.

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