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Demystifying SEO’s Importance in Creating Digital Products

In the last decade, investing in digital marketing has become an obligation for companies that aim to increase their share and market value, as it is possible to create strategies that are more effective for the audience we want to reach.

In addition to this investment, only a few of these companies direct a percentage of their budget towards technological innovation or the creation of effective digital products for this audience. This is because what a digital product is and how it can add value to the user’s daily life is not always clear to the marketing market.

The market has the same behavior when we talk about the goals and specializations that some areas have in the digital marketing sector, in which SEO and content marketing are two of the most outstanding.

Generally known for “ensuring that a website is in the top position of Google”, the SEO area, which constantly updates itself to be one step ahead of new technologies and trends in the digital market, has difficulties to show these people the increase in traffic and positioning of a website are consequences of the union of the best practices in the area with the understanding of the personas, competitors and the sector as a whole.

Therefore, in order to demystify it and really understand its potential for the construction of new digital products, we will bring a new purpose and vision to the area, showing the feasibility of the professionals’ expertise from planning to launch to the market, as well as the recurrence of strategies for constant product evolution.

You have probably talked to a professional in the field, read about it in an article, or researched the professional’s roles and goals in a project. Now, by doing a little exercise, would you know what the purpose of SEO is in creating a digital product? If your answer was “to improve the position of a website or keyword within the search engine”, perhaps your view on the objectives of the area and everything that its market includes is a little old. Don’t worry, this is not a problem(yet)!

However, if SEO is responsible for improving a website’s position in search results, how can your answer be wrong? Easy. The SEO professional’s actual objective is to identify opportunities that increase the visibility and authority of the product (in search engines), generating value and attracting new business for the company, answering the user’s doubts in a complete and objective way and acting in different stages of its journey.

In other words, we can define SEO as the area that is concerned with expanding the organic presence of a brand to bring it closer to its consumer through the analysis of its search intentions, whether in the moment of discovery, consideration or decision making, by using the best practices of technology, content and user experience to gain authority and expand its position in organic searches as a result of the intelligence applied.

The development of a digital product starts in the same way as for all areas involved in the project, by understanding the problem that need to be solved.

To understand it, we must ask ourselves: “which group of people has this problem?”, “Why does it exist?”, “How would my solution/product solve the consumer problem today?”

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