Digital Transformation

Union of humans: the future of the Millennial generation in the age of automation

It’s not always fun or easy to understand an automating, fissuring, hyper-globalizing economy. It’s not always comfortable to consider that decades-old safe and sage advice (“Go to college!”) might become totally obsolete—if we don’t move quickly to curtail the privatization of our primary schools, and/or colleges fail to modernize their offerings.

However with great crisis comes great opportunity, and Millennials are well-equipped to handle the mammoth issues before them. They are, after all, the most educated, most connected generation in American history.

So why the emphasis on…unions? Well, we really need them, and Millennials happen to love them. But the automation era will require its own union, of sorts—what we’re calling a “union of humans.”

To learn more, download the full paper “Union of Humans: The Future of the Millennial Generation in the Age of Automation” here.

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