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Let’s Talk About International Men’s Day

Today (19 November) across the globe we are celebrating International Men’s Day.  

This was started in 1991 to highlight some of the social issues that men and boys face, to promote positive male role models and to improve gender relations and equality.

The importance of marking these international days for Women, Men, Mental Health and others, is to help create a safer better world for everyone, and we wanted to play our part in this.

We organised a panel moderated by The Economist to debate whether modern masculinity is fragile and what that means today. Our panellists from across Asia shared some smart, engaging and thought provoking views on the subject.  

But overall the most important takeaway is the value of conversations such as these to exchange views that promote and celebrate all aspects of diversity and inclusion in all communities, wherever we are, to help shape a more open and accepting future for everyone.

Watch the panel discussion here:

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