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Ad-sorbing The Effects of Pollution

Admitting you are contributing to a problem is an important step. Taking active measures to do something about it is even better.

Italian outdoor media company Urban Vision helps companies sell all sorts of products through billboards in crowded urban areas. Inevitably, some of those products can be harmful to the environment, like plastics and automobiles. Urban Vision’s business depends on giving brands a place to display their messaging—refusing to sell their billboard space is not a viable option. So what if the mechanism of delivery, the billboard itself, could help mitigate pollution?

Ogilvy & Mather Italy teamed up with Urban Vision on Ad/Sorbent, a system designed to battle pollution in three of Europe’s most polluted cities. Billboards in Milan, Rome, and London were refitted with “The Breath”, a three-layer fabric that traps pollution molecules.

In just 15 days, the ads had absorbed emissions from over 67,000 cars. Urban Vision has promised to cover all of its billboards with The Breath by 2018, which will result in eliminating emissions from about 14 million cars each year.

View the video below to see how Urban Vision is addressing its role in creating pollution:

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