Dayoan Daumont
IBM 2017 | Cognitive Workplace
3 Ways Machines Will Help Creatives, Not Replace Them

Artificial intelligence is going to transform the creative industries, but perhaps not in the way that you think.

With advancements being made in machine learning every day, and a growing number of jobs looking poised for robot-induced redundancy, it’s no wonder that AI anxiety has spread to the creative industries.

But fear not! A machine takeover is not looming — or at least, not how you might have imagined it. It is far more feasible and likely that artificial intelligence will function in an advisory capacity, helping to inform, guide and optimise the work of human beings rather than taking the lead. Instead of being conquered by machines, the creative industries will be populated with technological centaurs.


Here are just three challenges faced by brands and agencies where collaboration with AI can yield beneficial results:

Data Analysis

Think of a cognitive system as a tireless assistant, capable of consuming and reconciling huge volumes of unstructured, ambiguous and even contradictory data. What’s more, AI is constantly learning from the information it encounters, enabling it to draw increasingly accurate, sophisticated conclusions over time. Far from being anathema, the combined human and machine approaches to learning from data are a hugely complementary and effective partnership.

Discovery Capabilities

Data is being produced in inconceivable amounts every single day, far beyond any human being’s comprehension. Even AIs don’t have a handle on this yet, but through continuous machine learning, discovery capabilities are emerging, enabling cognitive systems to find connections and mine genuine insights and understanding from what, to humans, resembles a global data soup.


The advantage of decisions made by cognitive computing is that they are free of bias, and based entirely on evidence. AIs also modify their conclusions when faced with new information — something which, let’s be honest, humans struggle with. While human beings will always be the final decision-makers, they will benefit from being presented with a series of viable suggestions from AI advisors.

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