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All You Need To Know About Account Based Marketing

Sales versus marketing.

A timeless dispute between two departments in B2B focused organizations. Where marketing teams tend to focus on lead generation and MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), sales teams spend more time chasing and closing opportunities through actual meetings. This disconnect between teams creates a big problem for business impact because priorities and objectives aren’t always aligned. 

In our most recent webinar, Peter Isaacson,Chief Marketing Officer of Demandbase, and Ritesh Patel, EVP and Chief Digital Officer for Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, walk us through a new model called Account-based Marketing (ABM). ABM is a model focused on identifying companies most likely to buy, and aligning marketing resources against them. The webinar covers best practices, ABM technologies, and real implementation of this new model.

(Full disclosure: Demandbase is Ogilvy’s technology partner in ABM automation.)

This approach encourages and almost requires all departments to collaborate to align on business objectives and priorities through customizing content and experiences to specific visitors and accounts. Most B2B marketers will agree that quality is much better than quantity, so this alignment of priorities and objectives creates a much stronger business impact than previous marketing models. 

Patel joined to speak about the success he has seen through this new ABM model. He explains his experience implementing this model in healthcare, and soon with one of his biggest clients. He also leaves us with some insight about how content strategists are becoming more and more important to build informed strategies.

For the full presentation deck, and to listen to the webinar in its entirety, see below:

Account-based Marketing from OgilvyRED

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