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African Roots

Our very own Jerry Smith (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive for Ogilvy Consulting, Asia) has created a wonderful album called ‘African Roots’, performed by his three-piece Hong Kong based band, Outer Planets.

Jerry was born in Nakuru, a city in Kenya’s Rift Valley and famous for the pink flamingos on Lake Nakuru. He returned to Kenya for a visit after many years ,and was captivated by its beauty, the people and way of life. The trip inspired him to compose and record an album that captured his emotions, feelings, and above all, hope for the wonderful people of Africa.

All revenues earned from the music will be donated to the charity, So They Can who are doing so much to help improve and develop the lives of children in Africa.

100 million children in Africa are not in school. Quality education changes lives and should be a human right. The charity has a mission to make that a reality.

The music is available on Amazon and on Spotify.

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