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Webinar: Health & Wellness Influencers Got Real…But Where Are the Brands?

Over the last few years people have understandably been more focused on their health than ever before, prompting many brands to transform their business models and brand positioning to include health and wellness offerings. As such, we’ve seen an explosion of prominent health and wellness influencers and rapid growth for the industry at large.
Social communities now play a crucial role for wellness seekers, patients and their caregivers as these communities help provide much needed support for them. Wellness influencers and healthcare key opinion leaders (KOLs) are now playing critical roles in this journey and there is a rich opportunity for brands to fill the wellness gap and support health and wellness needs.
Join us for our next webinar session titled “Health & Wellness Influencers Got Real – But Where Are Brands?” on Tuesday, 31st January to learn how to better engage wellness influencers and KOLs, and connect with consumers who are seeking out brands that take their wellbeing into account in 2023.

Why you should attend:

  • Every brand is now (in some capacity) a wellness brand. Even those whose products or services don’t directly relate to health or wellness must understand the role they play in consumers’ lives
  • Consumers are almost twice as likely to trust recommendations from influencers, compared to branded social media content.  How brands can best position themselves to support the wellness needs of consumers, particularly through social media, is more critical than ever

The session will be led by Andreanne Leclerc (Ogilvy Asia’s Social and Performance Head), Sathya Krishnan (Ogilvy Health Asia’s Head of Strategy) and key influencer experts at Ogilvy in Asia: Stephanie Chua (Ogilvy Health Asia’s Social Strategist) and Brenda Ho (Social Director, PR&I Singapore).

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