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Driving Impact in Consumer Health

Ogilvy Health Asia is launching its latest paper Driving Impact in Consumer Health at a time of unprecedented change and continued global instability. The consumer health industry in Asia is transforming in front of our eyes; unsurprisingly for a population of 4.5 billion and a kaleidoscope of cultures. Ogilvy research revealed a considerable wellness gap in the region and increasing demand for health and wellness support. 80% of the 7,000 consumers surveyed were seeking to enhance their wellness, yet only 46% felt brands took their well-being as a priority.

The paper explores the latest trends and opportunities for consumer health. The consumption of health and wellness content online has risen dramatically in just two years. Consumers, including patients, carers and self-carers are increasingly turning to digital platforms for guidance and solutions. Based on a healthcare survey from a recent report from The Economist, 50% of the 5,000 respondents in APAC obtained personal health and wellness information from social media. Yet, 53% found it to be so overwhelming they do not know what to focus on.

However, this proliferation of online health content brings with it the dangers of misinformation. The World Health Organisation talks of the dangers of “infodemics”, threatening the accurate understanding of health issues, and triggering a backlash of consumer anxiety and mistrust.

The stakes are extremely high on many levels. It is predicted that online sales of consumer products will double by 2025; a huge opportunity for healthcare brands but one fraught with the dangers of “infodemic” misinformation.

Health marketers will need to reassess their approach. With practical insights, learnings and tangible examples from the Asian markets, Ogilvy Health’s latest paper aims to help brands navigate the shift towards online wellness resources, demystify complexities around evolving health needs and explore how to leverage data and insights to create effective strategies and drive impactful consumer and patient-centric marketing. 

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