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Wellness Influencers Got Real, But Where Are the Brands? — 2023 Asia Edition

Wellness is critically important to people today – and this is especially true for Gen Z and Millennials who recognise the importance of wellbeing and prioritise it to better manage their health.

Today, our choices go beyond a brand’s product and services — expanding to how brands make us feel. And our research has found that consumers now expect brands to have a wellness strategy running through their offerings – but not enough brands provide that. To help support and nurture wellness in our lives, online communities are being created. These communities help to offer a sense of belonging, advice and information to be shared with each other.

Social communities now play a crucial role for wellness seekers, patients and their caregivers as these communities helps to provide much needed support for them. Wellness influencers and healthcare key opinion leaders (KOLs) are now playing key roles in this journey. There is a rich opportunity for brands to fill the Wellness Gap and help support the wellness needs of consumers through social media partnerships.

Brands need to embrace this new chapter, serving to be consumers’ and patients’ wellness support while leveraging KOLs in sharing their expertise as part of the brand’s communication strategy. In the Asia edition of “Wellness Influencers Got Real, But Where Are the Brands?”, our team dives into the needs of wellness influencers and social communities, offering guidance and insight on how brands can build inclusive social wellness campaigns that benefit all stakeholders.

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