Giri Jadhav
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Borderless Creativity: The Big Trend of Globalization

Giri Jadhav, Chief Client Officer of Ogilvy Group, Asia shares his view of the future of marketing in a globalized post-pandemic world as part of The Drum’s Globalization and Marketing Deep Dive. It will be defined increasingly by borderless creativity and would need all the stakeholders to contribute towards nurturing this new era of creativity.

Planes have been grounded, airports are deserted, working from home is the new norm. So much has changed in the last 18 months and paranoia continues to loom. While much has changed, amid all the chaos around us it’s been business as usual in the marketing world. The need of the hour was to make brands matter more than ever before.

While observing how we have made brands matter as an industry, there is one thing that stood out and that is ‘borderless creativity’. It is not a process; it’s about bringing the best and the most relevant talent to work together. It’s been a fun experience (virtually) that has resulted in creating impactful work.

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