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Mark Read on WPP’s response to Covid-19

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The UK became the latest in an ever-growing list of countries to impose severe restrictions on people’s lives. In the US, many states are in similar conditions of lockdown and our colleagues in China, Italy and elsewhere have been in this situation for some time.

We have seen the best of people – from Italians singing from their balconies to bring each other hope and inspiration to healthcare workers struggling at the front line. We’ve also seen the worst, but thankfully not that often.

At WPP, we are working with international health authorities to promote effective handwashing and we have offered our resources to the UK government to assist the effort in Britain. Wavemaker is already working with them.

Ogilvy is one of 35 agencies in Spain working with five industry bodies to use the collective power of advertising to fight the spread of Covid-19. WPP Health hosted an online forum for 2.6 million Chinese citizens and more than 200,000 physicians. Group SJR is developing scripts for public-health officials in the US.

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