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Ogilvy Beijing Launches Sustainability Drive for Nescafe

Global demand for coffee is rising consistently across the world, but climate change is threatening to shrink in half suitable land needed for coffee production by 2050. Committed to respectfully delivering great-tasting coffee for over 30 years in China, in 2021 Nescafé joined hands with Ogilvy Beijing to bring its global “Cup of Respect” sustainability program to Chinese consumers, hoping to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and increase brand affinity with young urban coffee drinkers.

Based on the insight that Chinese consumers are not as receptive as their Western counterparts to top-down corporate messaging around brands’ sustainable practices, and instead more likely to engage with the concept of sustainability as part of their daily lifestyle, Ogilvy Beijing helped the coffee giant launch a shared value engagement program designed to deepen the emotional connection between coffee lovers and the environment in a highly interactive way. The team designed and implemented a strategic solution informed by data and powered by technology, delivering an omnichannel customer experience to engage with one of the most digital-savvy cohorts on the planet – China’s Gen Z.

As a long-time believer that coffee should be sustainable from bean to cup, since entering the Chinese market Nescafé has been committed to developing sustainable coffee agriculture and improving its coffee supply chain, from providing training for local Yunnan farmers, to introducing new Arabica varieties and investing in technology and equipment for improved yields and quality. On this year’s Earth Day, Nescafé partnered with 28 boutique cafes across China to recruit “Bean Heroes”, offering free coffee to those bringing a reusable cup.

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