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Ogilvy Malaysia to Lead Musawah’s Audience Research and Comms Strategy

Islamic feminist organisation Musawah has appointed Ogilvy Malaysia to lead its end-to-end global research and communications strategy hubbed out of Malaysia. Ogilvy has been tasked with extensive market research to provide a rich understanding of Muslim Women across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim is to identify discriminatory Muslim family laws against women who are living in these countries and speak to them to better understand the support needed to amplify the impact of the movement in a now-predominantly digital world. A holistic communications strategy will then be rolled out across these regions to reform Muslim laws and strategies making them more accessible to women especially around the 12 principal areas of concern.

Musawah, which means equality in Arabic, was launched in February 2009 at a global meeting in Kuala Lumpur. The organisation said in a press statement that it has a five-year plan to amplify the voice of its global network of activists and accelerate their impact on the ground in changing “discriminatory family laws and practices within Islam”, by galvanising collective action and broad-based public support.

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