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The 2023 Ogilvy APAC Book of Growth

As we celebrate our performance at the 2023 APAC Effie Awards, we we want to share some of the key learnings behind sustained creative effectiveness success. Critically, we want to share takeaways from this year’s winning work as an inspiration for your own marketing strategies.

The campaigns featured in this year’s Book of Growth demonstrate how creative excellence is not limited to ‘classic big brand’ work; it is making impact across the entire funnel. They demonstrate how companies are using various levers of growth, from brand-building to sales activation, and from future demand to in-the-moment needs, serving both long and short-term business goals.

As our region and the broader world continue to navigate ongoing uncertainty and turbulence, we hope you will be inspired and find actionable ideas across our award-winning cases and use them to help stimulate your 2024 opportunities and strategic plans.

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