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Capturing the Beckhams

After conquering the worlds of sport and fashion, David Beckham is turning his hand to technology. He has partnered with a new, unknown app to generate exclusive content, in addition to becoming a minority equity holder in the company. MyEye is a streaming app for iOS and Android, similar to Meerkat and Periscope.

So what exactly makes MyEye different? While streams on Meerket are ephemeral, and content vanishes from Periscope after 24 hours, footage captured on MyEye it is available for three days before disappearing. Content can be shared out across social media, although the app itself is not powered by an external platform, making it more akin to Meerkat than Periscope. The MyEye team also claim that the app takes up “significantly less data and bandwidth than other streaming platforms.”


MyEye is the creation of Mark Betteridge, Paul Kavanagh and Lee Musgrave. Betteridge and Musgrave’s backgrounds are in gaming; they both held senior roles at Rare Ltd, the company behind the wildly successful ‘Goldeneye 007’ game, while Kavanagh comes from the world of finance, having previously co-founded stock brokerage firm Patronus Partners. “Given our experience in the games world, we’re about building consumer platforms,” Betteridge tells TechCrunch. “We wanted a strategic investor who had global consumer appeal… This relationship has been over a year in the process. Not only that, but [Beckham’s] direct feedback has been incorporated into the application.”

Brand Beckham has been continually refined over the years. David and Victoria were an aspirational power couple before the term ‘WAG’ was even invented, and have since evolved into a stylish, philanthropic institution that whole families can relate to. It comes as no surprise, then, that companies are keen to work with them — especially in the digital streaming space, where consumers are likely to be able to do plenty of celebrity-spotting in the real-time footage of their lives. Beckham, however, a relatively late adopter compared to some other stars, has always been picky about who he works with, especially online.

“I’m always looking to back and support British businesses that have the ability and vision to do something truly transformational on the global stage, and I believe that MyEye has the potential to change the way people interact with social media,” Beckham said in an official statement. “I have been cautious about the partners I work with, in the digital world and I’ve been very impressed with Paul, Mark and Lee. They have a great track record of building successful businesses and I’m excited to collaborate with them going forward.”

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