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Facebook reaffirms mission statement at Dmexco

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg took to the stage at ad-tech conference Dmexco to remind everybody in attendance of what the company stands for. “We have a very simple mission,” she says. “Making the world more connected, and giving them the power to share. There are billions of people who are yet to be connected, so many more connections to be made. It is not enough to just connect people, we need to make sure we are bringing people together to do good.”

Sandberg also took the opportunity to address some of the key challenges facing Facebook and its users, and the role that the company hopes to play in solving some of those problems. “We get together at a challenging time for the world,” she says. “People are afraid for their personal security, especially in light of recent events… People are looking for brands and companies that stand for something.”

Facebook is also acknowledging the viewability issues which are currently giving advertisers pause; the company recently opened up its viewing figures to third party auditors following calls from media buyers for greater transparency and reports that video views on the platform fell well below Media Ratings Council standards.

“Some marketers told me they are feeling uneasy,” says Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions. “Chief among their concerns are the issues of viewability, online ad metrics, and brand safety. We hear them loud and clear.”

Facebook is addressing these concerns by pursuing accreditation from the MRC in first party ad impressions and third party viewability. Brand safety is a top priority for advertisers, following a series of high profile programmatic errors this year which have seen ads for household names incongruously placed next to violent, extremist or pornographic content.

On Facebook specifically, fraudulent accounts and fake news have had a negative impact on trust in content seen on the News Feed. The company has partnered with ad-tech firms Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify to combat these issues on the platform.

“The businesses that are thriving are focusing on a mission, building a community and communicating who they are,” says Sandberg. “There are risks to connecting, but the greater risk is missing out.”

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