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LEGO celebrates the women of NASA

A new LEGO set honours the accomplishments of women who have been under-represented or downright erased in the past; women in STEM fields. Specifically, NASA’s female scientists and astronauts.

The ‘Women of NASA’ set consists of three individual dioramas; one features Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, the first American and African-American woman respectively to go to space. Another recreates the famous photo of Margaret Hamilton standing next to the tower of Apollo 11 mission software that she created, which made the moon landing possible. The third features Nancy Grace Roman next to a model of the Hubble Telescope, which she was integral in creating.

Science writer Maia Weinstock pitched the concept to Lego Ideas, and the company announced it would build the range back in March. Weinstock sees the collection as a twofold win, both by acknowledging the important work of these women, and showing young girls that science and technology are for everyone, not just boys.

“In all realms of science, engineering, and technology, pioneering women have historically been underappreciated for their often ground-breaking work,” she says. “We have also seen that when girls and women are given more encouragement in the STEM fields, they become more likely to pursue careers in these areas.”

This isn’t the first LEGO set designed with the aim of empowering girls to pursue an interest in STEM; ‘Research Institute’ was another Lego Ideas project which showed women conducting experiments in a lab setting.

The 231-piece set is designed for children aged ten and up, providing inspiration children at an age when they might not be particularly interested in STEM subjects. They will be available to purchase from November 1st — just in time for Christmas.

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