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Project Sunlight champions sustainable living

A new initiative from Unilever, conceived in collaboration with DAVID, will promote sustainable living by inspiring parents to make a better world for their children to inherit. Project Sunlight, named for the Sunlight soap which Unilever founder William Lever hoped would change the world, launched in Brazil, India, Indonesia, the UK and the US on Wednesday 20th November – Universal Children’s Day.

According to Unilever’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Keith Weed, “Project Sunlight aims to galvanise and build momentum behind a movement that is already happening… We have extensive experience and research into what drives – and what limits – mass behaviour change. From this experience, we know that parenthood creates a profound shift in people’s view of the world and what the anticipated future will mean for the lives of their children.”

The first stage of Project Sunlight consists of three simple steps; see, act, and join. “We want to help people SEE a brighter future; in order to do this, we are inviting people to watch a film online which aims to inspire and motivate people. We want to encourage them to ACT by doing small things which, added together, contribute to a better society and environment. Ultimately, we want people to JOIN the movement and become part of a growing community of likeminded people and organisations who all want to play their part in building a brighter future.”

Project Sunlight begins with a film, Why Bring A Child Into This World?, in which parents-to-be shared their anxieties about having children, from the sudden pressure of becoming someone’s “protector”, to wider-reaching concerns about what the future will hold for their child. The expectant mums and dads are then shown a video showcasing the beneficial impact that Project Sunlight’s mission will potentially have on future generations all over the world.

“Project Sunlight is founded on the principle that even small actions can make a big difference, and that together, we can create a brighter future,” says DAVID co-founder Gaston Bigio. “We are honoured to be part of such a positive and significant movement for the good of our client and our communities.”

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