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Prynt: Instant happiness

It’s been close to two years now since I backed a project on Kickstarter. I’m not a luddite, I very much love technology, but I still prefer to do some things the old fashioned way, like sending a handwritten note to a friend, or printing pictures and keeping that return ticket to fond memories. But what if you could combine technology with that good old fashioned-ness? Introducing a case that converts your smartphone into a polaroid camera: Prynt.

Prynt might even be better than a Polaroid, as it means you can control the picture angle and filter.


Co-Founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang founded Prynt in June 2014 in Paris. Prynt is a small French start-up, now grown to a team of 20 based in San Francisco, with a vision to share digital content in the physical world. It works through an app with an augmented reality feature that makes a video live inside your picture, so that you can share your memories in a more magical way. Just imagine how this might impact storytelling. Small pieces of a puzzle…connecting to different stories, different perspectives. The possibilities are near-endless.

Now, I’ve got to say…those videos can’t be long…just 6 seconds of on-the-spot shooting after you choose a picture. To print an existing photo, the app also offers in-app editing with filters and frames. Photos take about 30 seconds to print. As of now, the Prynt case fits the iPhone 6s, 6, 5s, 5c, and 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4. There are no ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner — just revolutionary ZINK® Printing Technology, where color forming molecules are embedded into the paper.

As a backer and a true believer in this project, I feel immense joy to share that Prynt has been selected as a finalist for SXSW 2016 accelerators under entertainment and content technologies. A good start to the year I’d say…but worth 149$? Well…I’ll leave that to other early adopters to decide. It’s a win for me!

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