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Shoppable video boosts social ROI

eCommerce is being built directly into video content on Instagram Stories and Snapchat ads, meaning that, or the first time, ephemeral platforms can be used to drive sales as well as engagement. Video company MikMak adds a shoppable “layer” to ephemeral brand videos; all a user has to do is swipe up on an item they like the look of, and they’re taken directly to a digital shopfront.

Rachel Tipograph is CEO of MikMak, which she designed with Instagram and Snapchat in mind. “I believe that social platforms are about to become the next great storefront,” she says. “The platforms dictate everything, so our strategy is to be an agnostic partner to all… because if you look at what’s happening within social media, vertical video, daily content is becoming the most popular use case within the platforms.”

And it’s not just ephemeral experiences; shoppable YouTube videos and 360 content are on the rise too, thanks to publishers like Bustle and newer companies such as Clicktivated, who aim to make ads and calls-to-action as natural and inobtrusive as possible.

“We know that a majority of people won’t stop to watch, let alone click on an intrusive banner or pop-up,” says Chris Roebuck, founder of Clicktivated. “But when they’re able to engage on their own terms, we’ve seen 12 to 18 times the increase in engagement, which is defined in the industry as anything that makes the case stronger, and is counted as soon as the viewer clicks on a product or item in our videos.”

Simplifying the experience as much as possible is essential to making shoppable video viable in the long run. Some brands are already winning in this area; Ted Baker’s SS17 campaign ‘Keeping Up With The Bakers’ positions a fictitious family around the brand and is told via 360 video.

As eCommerce slowly becomes the default and preferred way to buy things, and with the average U.S. shopper spending over $1800 per year, all screens around us and content become active parts of the booking funnel. Now that we can complete purchases with a few clicks, or even just a thumbprint, the purchase funnel lasts a few seconds. Anything and everything can become shoppable.


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