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Sick of 50 shades yet? Not everyone is

USA Today did a semi-thorough survey of people offended by the film and came up with feminists, archbishops, movie critics and the American Family Association, just for starters.

According to this Reuters piece, the film has also sparked ‘grassroots movement in the US, urging people to donate $50 to women’s shelters rather than see Fifty Shades of Grey as the controversial film sparks global debate about domestic abuse’. It also quotes members of the actual BDSM community, who also reckon the film is inaccurate, at best.


The Malaysian government continued its long-running hobby of banning things, calling the film more pornography than a movie.” The Malaysia Film Censorship Board denied a certification needed for the film’s release, stating “The board made a decision in view of the film containing scenes that are not of natural sexual content.”

A surprising outburst of civic humour in Singapore managed to put the whole kerfuffle into perspective and skewer many of the island nation’s citizens’ preoccupations. Trust us, the hashtag #SG50shadesofgrey is waaaay funnier than you expected.

Completely in line with expectations, however, is the number of editors electing to describe reactions to the movie as ‘a backlash.’ Boom tish.

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