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Tabless Thursday replaces Taco Tuesday

With endless content just a click or a swipe away, it’s no surprise that many of us have become tab junkies. With the perils of multitasking well documented, and a rise in collective consciousness around the importance of mindfulness, it was only a matter of time before we moved beyond talk into action.

Enter Tabless Thursday, the brainchild of James Hamblin, Senior Editor at The Atlantic; he suggests that every Thursday we apply mindful restraint to the number of tabs we have open in our browser at any time—one, ideally. A simple formula that asks you to focus on the task at hand, eliminating noise and clutter, and rendering us more productive in the process.

As people continue to look for solutions that simplify their lives, it is important to consider how products and services can find their place within this more focused blueprint for living. A business with a streamlined offering and seamless user experience is sure to be chosen over one that appears disorganized and lacks cohesion. The old adage rings truer than ever these days: less is most certainly more.

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