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Weekly Tech Roundup: September 1

Apple and Google show off rival augmented reality tech

Tech giants Apple and Google are both working on similar AR software which will enable developers to combine graphics with real world views, using readily available camera hardware. This makes a change for Google, which was originally working on a strategy which would require special depth sensors.

HowStuffWorks is the latest podcast company to round up new funding

The company behind popular shows like ‘Stuff You Should Know’ have just had an infusion of $15 million, encouraging investors to see podcasting as a lucrative industry. The last few months have seen heavy investment in other podcasting networks, including Gimlet and Art19.

WikiLeaks hacked as OurMine group answers challenge

The Saudi Arabian hacking group OurMine responded to WikiLeaks’ “hack us” challenge this week, with a cyber-attack which saw visitors to their website redirected to an OurMine page. Previous victims of OurMine include tech founders Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

Apple plans to change how you use the next iPhone

Ahead of the annual autumn Apple event, speculation is rife as to what the next generation iPhone will look like. Apple is reportedly planning to release three smartphones, including a high end device which will feature gesture control and render the physical ‘home’ button obsolete.

8 ways advertisers are using AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming a fact of life in the 21st century office, and from predictive algorithms to customer service chatbots, the impact of AI on a marketers’ work is only going to grow.

711 million email addresses leaked in biggest spambot dump ever

A broken spambot has led to the public release of hundreds of millions of private email addresses and passwords, in what is possibly the biggest info-dump of all time. A database is now available at the Have I Been Pwned website, for individuals to check whether their information has been compromised.

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