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Largest US drugstore chain bans photo manipulation

CVS Health just announced that it will ban photo manipulation in its store-brand makeup marketing and promotional displays, a move that acknowledges growing awareness of the harmful nature of touched-up images.

The nation’s largest drugstore chain will also require other makeup and beauty brands that sell products in its aisles to commit to a photo-manipulation ban by 2020 or face having an alert label placed on the images.

With some 9,600 stores nationwide, CVS is one of America’s largest sellers of beauty products, giving the company significant influence over makeup marketing.

CVS Pharmacy President Helena Foulkes, who made the official announcement at the National Retail Federation’s convention in New York, said the decision reflects an acknowledgment that “unrealistic body images” are “a significant driver of health issues,” especially among women. About 80% of the chain’s customers are women.

“We’re all consuming massive amounts of media every day, and we’re not necessarily looking at imagery that is real and true,” Foulkes said in an interview. “To try to hold ourselves up to be like those women is impossible because even those women don’t look like how they appear in those photographs.”

The company’s ban on image editing in its own beauty marketing, including store aisle displays and social media posts, is scheduled to take full effect by April 2019.

See full article on USA Today here.

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