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Weekly Tech Roundup: August 4

AI better than humans at scrubbing extremist video content

Google is using machine learning to develop more advanced programs capable of detecting and removing violent, extremist content on YouTube. This follows the company’s introduction of tougher standards for video when it comes to hate speech, defamation and propaganda. With 400 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube every minute, AIs are the only practical way to attack this problem.

Hyperloop One sets speed record

A new speed record has been set by Hyperloop One, with a test craft logging 200mph at the company’s site in Nevada, US. It’s still difficult to say what the company’s final product will look like, and it may well be possible that final top speeds will be around 350mph.

“Sharenting” divides nation

Opinion is split among parents in the UK as to whether or not it is right to post photos of your children to social media. Communications watchdog Ofcom reports that more than 50% of parents avoid doing this, with the most commonly cited reason being a desire to protect the privacy of those under 18.

Facebook fights fake news with diversity of perspective

Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear he doesn’t want Facebook to become the “arbiter of truth,” and the company is avoiding that fate by ensuring users are exposed to multiple viewpoints. The ‘Related Articles’ feature will provide a series of links to various other takes on a particular subject.

Apple sales forecast suggests big September launch

After a healthy Q2, Apple is expecting big sales in the autumn; presumably due to the imminent launch of the new iPhone. Nothing has been announced as yet, but Apple has become known for debuting the latest generation of its flagship device in September. The next iPhone is widely speculated to include facial recognition technology.

Stories are fuelling Instagram’s growth

One year after introducing Stories to the app, Instagram is enjoying rapid growth, hitting over 250 million daily users in June, many of whom spend more than 30 minutes on the app each day. This growth can be partially credited to heavy investment in vertical video and augmented reality filters.

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