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Welcome to the Singapore 60/60 Exhibit

Transformation to an urban metropolis

Singapore’s story is nothing short of remarkable. Fifty years ago the country was a third world nation. By embracing globalisation, free market capitalism, rule of law and investing in education the country has, against the odds, become a leader in global commerce.

Since 1953, IBM hasn’t just been a witness to Singapore’s transformation; it’s been a harbinger of progress that predates the nation’s independence.

IBM Singapore turns 60 this year. In Asian culture, especially for the Chinese, the 60th birthday is considered very special (六十大壽) as 60 years represents a completion of a life cycle and 61 is regarded as the beginning of a new life cycle. So, as Singapore celebrates the past, we’re curious about it’s future.

What will another 60 years of progress in Singapore look like?

To envision this, IBM Singapore 60/60 Exhibit has been created. A timeline of Singapore’s 60 years down memory lane and 60 years into the future was created with uniquely Singaporean content covering aspects such as food, technology, water, healthcare, retail, transportation and infrastructure.

Ogilvy Singapore collaborated with top local illustrator Michael Ng for this digital experience. The site has arresting visuals and stories. Which food-loving Singaporean wouldn’t be curious about the possibility of teleporting food? Or the potential of fresher ingredients thanks to urban farming?

Locals and foreigners will find there is much to discover about this tiny economic powerhouse.

Piqued your interest ? Visit the 60/60 IBM Exhibit.

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