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Who's got Beme codes?

Beme, the latest social networking app launched by filmmaker/vlogger Casey Neistat and ex-tumblr employee Matt Hackett, is fast becoming all the talk or at least the words “have you got an unlock code for Beme?” are. As Neistat puts it, Beme is designed to produce more authentic content and remove the self-consciousness of sharing.

The app provides a unique way of filming, by utilizing the sensor just above the earpiece, in which when covered, the app records. This distinct feature is designed to stop users from having to look through the screen and allow them to continue living their lives. The app also doesn’t allow you to preview your content, so you don’t have time to second guess yourself. To “like” a person’s Beme, an additional feature has been developed, in which you take a selfie to allow people to see your reaction to their content.

I’ve personally been using Beme for two days now, and while it’s still in it’s earlier stages of development, it shows a lot of potential. Holding a resemblance to Snapchat in it’s ‘watch only once’ video format, the content is a lot more authentic and raw as people are trying to master the new way of filming. The user interface is still rather basic, as you can see in the screenshots below.

What does this mean for marketers?

While no branded function currently exists, Beme provides an interesting way to engage your customers. It will stop companies from over-crafting their content and force real, unedited engagement with their audiences. This may require a new way for working, but brands that could pull it off will really make a big impact. Will you be a first mover in this space?

At the moment, the app requires an unlock code that you need to get from an existing user, even though everyone has the ability to download the app and register their usernames now. So get to it!

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