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How to win if we are #ApartUnited

We have all been – and continue to be – deeply impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

Billions of people globally are in some form of confinement. Healthcare systems are at bursting point in many countries. The economic implications are gloomy.

We’ve seen some of the worst, but often the best of people.  We are more resilient and resourceful than we might have thought, and kindness can also be contagious.

Most of us are working from our homes and unable to meet our family, our colleagues, our friends. Social distancing is the new norm, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be together in other ways.

Until we have a vaccine, we know that staying at home is the only proven way to stop the spread of the infection – and it will save lives. But to have a dramatic impact in flattening the curve we all need to do it.

However, the incoming pandemic we could be facing is ‘isolation fatigue’. As the weeks roll on it’s very hard to keep motivated and confident that our personal sacrifice is worthwhile.

Ogilvy, in partnership with the United Nations, has created a powerful statement of the scale and depth of our collective spirit and our commitment to keep going and stay apart until we beat the virus, together.

Our goal for the @ApartUnited campaign is to form the longest line of people virtually holding hands on Instagram, as a signal of unity and hope. And we’re counting on you to join the movement and spread the message. With every one of us participating, we can get this movement going around the world.

Three simple steps as to how we can win if we’re #ApartUnited.

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