Antonis Kocheilas
PR & Influence
Insta-Branding: The Impact of Instagram on the Orthodoxies of Traditional Branding

Are the most popular brands different than before? Is that causing us to question the traditional rules of branding?

Today’s most talked-about brands are redefining the traditional rules of marketing and advertising. In a world previously dominated by giants like P&G and Unilever, smaller brands are now being born and raised online, and they are taking on the big guys. With tools like Instagram at hand, brands are now able to connect directly with their consumers, leveling the playing field for all.

“Insta-branding” refers less to how these brands become popular and more to why they became popular — their nature is determined by social forces that govern how people make decisions.

Read the full paper to find out which brands have used Instagram to not only take on entrenched competitors, but usurp them.

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