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Ogilvy Helps Antarctic Climate Expedition in Call for Sponsor Support

In February 2023, a team of 110 extraordinary, global citizens will be embarking on a voyage to the Antarctic – the front line of climate change – to bring awareness and rally action for ocean-focussed climate solutions and a Global Net-Zero carbon emission by 2035.

The Antarctic Climate Expedition (ACE) 2023 is organised by Ocean Geographic on-board The Sylvia Earle. It will be a gathering of great minds including Dr. Sylvia Earle, founder of Ocean Geographic, Michael AW, former President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, IUCN Emeritus Marine Vice-Chair for the World Commission on Protected Areas, Craig Leeson from Plastic Oceans, and many others with a passion, resolve and commitment to change the current trajectory and preserve healthier oceans and a habitable planet for future generations.

ACE ambassadors are globally represented in terms of cultures, nationalities, talents, expertise, experience, influence, and gender. They consist of artists, conservationists, global citizens, entrepreneurs, executives, ocean luminaries, renowned wildlife photographers, policymakers, scientists, storytellers, technopreneurs, writers, and more. 

The ambassadors will formulate 23 resolutions during the Expedition, to radically reduce carbon emissions and achieve a tipping point in environmentally positive attitudes and behaviour. These will be developed into strategies that will be directed through a top-down and bottom-up action plan, to be championed through their communities, corporates, organisations, and government capacities far beyond the Expedition to meet the mission goals and objectives. 

If you or your company are interested to take part in the expedition please contact:

Janel Kok

VP Communications, Ocean Geographic

[email protected]

    We'd love to hear from you.