• Should Luxury Brands Be on SEA’s eCommerce Marketplaces?

    Accessories maker Coach is now officially on Lazada, arguably representing the most high-profile entry to date of a luxury fashion brand on the platform. But will other luxury brands follow suit? And what kind of strategy will they adopt? We will likely see a similar debate reignited from the early days of Tmall in China, where luxury brands for many years grappled with if and how they should show up on the platform.

  • In SEA E-Commerce, China-Fication Is Only Part of the Story

    My foray into the world of China e-commerce began in 2012. Brands back then were starting to open Tmall flagships, and agencies like ours were figuring out how to provide the most effective service model. I’m now five months into my new job in Southeast Asia, and the sense of déjà vu I’m getting from my China days is strong.