• How AI Will Shape Healthcare

    In our most recent webinar, we are joined by Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer for Ogilvy Health and Wellness, who provides insights on the technology trends that are likely to impact the health industry in the new year.

  • What’s Next For The Wellness Movement

    In this week’s webinar, we will deep dive into the Wellness Movement, from the new space it creates for brands and marketers to the implications and importance of why it now exists.

  • Understanding the World of Influence

    We’ll reveal how Ogilvy can help brands navigate the ‘wild-west’ of the influencer landscape and how brands can leverage new tools combined with clear strategic thinking pinpoint the influencer goldmine.

  • Machine Learning For Everyone

    Join Andrew Van Aken and Michael McCarthy, from Ogilvy New York, as they discuss demystifying machine learning and artificial intelligence, recent buzz around machine learning, and more.