Understanding The New Age Of Person-Centric Healthcare

In this digital age, it is important to understand that healthcare is undergoing a transformation. Consumers are looking to make informed choices and take control of their lives. Therefore, pharma companies should aim to build a new healthcare ecosystem that places the patient at its center, with the “person” fully engaged in his or her own healthcare.

One way to do so is marketing through social. Not only does it have a powerful amplifying effect on perceptions about a brand, but it also helps build genuine relationships with its audience.

Establishing a presence on social media allows pharma companies to engage in genuine, meaningful conversations with their audience, be it about a health crisis their audience is facing or the companies’ corporate reputation. The key is to show the audience that you are receptive and responsive, and engagement in social media will be able to drive business value.

In a recent webinar on Pharma In Social, we shared six tips on how to stand out from the crowd as a healthcare brand on social media:



In September, Ogilvy CommonHealth will be holding an event that addresses the issues and challenges faced in modern marketing for the healthcare industry. A main focus of the event is a discussion around “Big data”, a topic at the heart of the program, which offers the opportunity for predictive and preventive medical intervention like never before‒but at what price to patient privacy?

Join us on September 24 at the Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Marketing Summit and take part in the important ongoing debates around these key issues.

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